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Module 1 - Analyzing a Set of Business Processes

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Analyzing a Set of Business Processes


To prepare for the analysis of a set of business processes, you should first get a good handle on the first topics associated with systems integration. These topics are;


Topic -What is Systems Integration

Topic - Business Process Analysis

Topic - Documenting Business Processes




As part of this module you will (1) locate someone associated with a business process, and (2) interview them to create documentation of this business process. A good set of guidelines are available at http://www.ipcdesigns.com/dim_date/business_process_interview_howto.html 


You may use anyone (friends, family, etc..) as a source for the business process that you decide to document. You may have to interview more than one person to complete this assignment if the business process you select involves more than one person.


You will need to select a business process for your interview. The assignment will involve creating the questions necessary for the interview, interviewing the clients, and documenting the results of the interview. This can be a simple document with questions and answers from the client.




Most everything conducted at any business is a business process. For example if you have a friend that operates a store or restaurant, what is the process for opening or closing the store on a daily basis. It will typically involve more than just opening and closing the doors.


If you want to work with someone here at the school - what is the full process for registering for classes? Remember - you must document more than just getting on the system, choices - such as do I need advisement, with whom, etc... are all part of this process - and you will have to interview more than one person for something like this to account for the different approaches.


If you want to select a simple home based process, how about preparing dinner? Remember - this is more than just cooking, selection of items, ensuring all ingredients are available, etc... are all part of the process and must be included in the interview.




You will submit as the assignment a Word or PDF file that includes;


Name of the Business Process

Basic Description of the Process and how it fits into the business

People Interviewed

Questions and Answers from Interviews


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