Module 2 - Documenting a Business Process

Documenting a Business Process


In Module 1 - Analyzing a Set of Business Processes you interviewed people to document business process needs. In this assignment you will need to provide full documentation of the business process. Using the interview notes supplied to you by one of your colleagues (not your own) you will need to produce business process documentation as specified.




Before completing this assignment you should review topics


Topic - Business Process Analysis

Topic - Documenting Business Processes




Using the class bulletin board, you will need to contact one of your classmates and obtain the interview notes from Module 1 - Analyzing a Set of Business Processes . Using these notes you will need to create a formal documentation of the business process. At a minimum you should provide a workflow diagram of the process itself. The documentation should contain all the process steps and also reasons for each of the steps will be important. 


You may use BPMN, which may be recommended - in Module 3 you will be handing off your documentation to another student to create a set of software requirement specifications.


Your submission will be an accumulation of the materials provided by the previous student and your additional documentation and workflows.You may make changes and additions and clarifications to the module 1 results given to you.


This will be submitted as a pdf or word doc in the Drop Box.