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Module 6 - Integrating Systems

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Integrating Systems


There are many steps and technologies that are involved with computer systems integration. Bottom line is you will often be called upon to make different computer systems work together. This may require custom programming, use of API's, standards based transfer and many other technologies. All of these are employed to meet a business need.The ability for a computer or any other system to work with another is called interoperability.




Topic - Integrating Systems

Topic - Merging Software Solutions




We  are going to address the interoperability of computer systems by looking at standards. A core standard for data exchange is the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). NIEM evolved from a need to exchange criminal justice data. For this assignment you will write a one page (maximum 1 page) single spaced typed paper (12 point font, standard margins) which describes (1) A case study of an organization that uses NIEM, (2) how they use, and (3) what elements of NIEM they use.


Information about NIEM is here - https://www.niem.gov/Pages/default.aspx 


You can access users of NIEM here - https://www.niem.gov/Pages/who-uses-niem.aspx 



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