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Module 7 - Merging Systems

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Merging Systems


In this assignment we look at the challenges associated with merging existing systems within an organization. This often occurs as a result of a merger of corporations. Not only must the companies merge employees and cultures - they also must merge computer systems.




Topic - Merging Software Solutions

Topic - Integrating Systems




This is a nice little research assignment. You must investigate (web research is fine) a corporate merger. As part of the corporate merger, the merger of the computer systems is of the primary interest to you. One of the largest and most complex IT system merger was Lloyds TSB and and HBOS (2 large banks). Watch the video included here;



This should give you an idea of what is at stake in a large merger (or acquisition). Your research job for this assignment - which will be a bulletin board discussion is to list the risks associated in the information systems portion of merging 2 companies. You will need to start with internet research and look for risks identified in actual mergers. These should be brought to the bulletin board and discussed. In the end you should have a list of associated risks for mergers of information systems that you can take away from this class. You will be graded on your contribution, and each risk you identify should come with a reference (which can be a web URL of the source).

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